is a 3D Paint program that loads Animation:Master models.

TheProjection Paintmode allows you to paint over seams and other areas that are difficult to paint using a 2D paint program.

With theBitmap Tool, you can paste images loaded from file directly onto the model.

Paint on models decalled in Animation:Master or use theautomappingfeature for the quickndirty decalling work.

3DPainter can be launched as a standalone application or from withing Animation:Master, using aplugin(available for A:Mv18).

For more information, see thefeaturessection or have a look at theuser submitted imagesand thescreenshots.

Images by Stian Ervik Wahlvg, Fabrice Fav, William Sutton, Ken Heslip, Emilio Le Roux and John Henderson. Seegalleryfor more.

3DPainter1.5.3is now available for download!