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Create 3D models right in your browser and have everything saved in the cloud. Accessible from anywhere.

Export your models to standard 3D files, print them or continue your work in a compatible software. Importing 3D files is also as easy as drag and drop.

Use intuitive jogs and tools to minimize mouse travel and stay focused on your design.

Switch between your low-poly model and a smooth-surface model while editing your object. 3D modeling made easy and fun.

Make a model from scratch or customize projects others have created, and share your works with the community.

Choose from a growing list of Parametric plugins that do the work for you. Create complex shapes by simply moving a slider.

Publish your works and collaborate with the community so your models story never ends.

FROM: makers, DIY, designers, hobbyists, professionals, teachers, you!

Ive recently started designing with VECTARY. Im new to subdivision surface modeling and I find VECTARY to be much fun and very easy to use. I really like the social side of VECTARY, its sharing possibilities and, first of all, to be able to learn from other users works.

Ive been working with 3D tools for the past 11 years and I have to say that VECTARY is, by far, the most impressive. I will continue working with this 3D software, exploring its features and Im really looking forward to trying new parametric plugins.

After experimenting and getting to know the layout of VECTARY beta, I can definitely say we have a game changer here. The UI is super intuitive and I havent found any bugs so far.