S15 Additive manufacturing and 3-D printing technologies

Additive manufacturing and 3-D printing are novel fabrication processes of ceramic components with functional structures. The processes allow for innovative complex part fabrication, client customization, rapid prototyping, and distributed manufacturing. Three-dimensional models are designed minutely according to theoretical concepts in computer graphic applications, and two-dimensional cross sections are created by slicing operations automatically. High resolution laser beams are scanned on a spread ceramic powder bed with or without resin binders to form solid planes of two-dimensional cross sections. Through layer stacking, ceramic precursors or components with the three-dimensional models are fabricated rapidly and exactly. In other processes, paste materials with ceramic particles dispersed are fused from nozzles moving freely in three dimensions to create composite precursors. Various functional  components of dielectric lattices to control electromagnetic waves, biomaterials components for medical applications and ceramics electrode with large surface area will be newly developed. Large scale structural components for aerospace and other high temperature applications can be fabricated with internal cooling path networks formed without casting molds. This symposium focuses on superiority of design, efficient processing, and perspicuous evaluations in the  additive manufacturing and 3-D printing processes.

, Osaka University, Japan;a-u.ac.jp

, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA;michael.c.

Elizabeth Kupp, Pennsylivania State University, USA

Cesar R. Foschini, Universidae Estadual Paulista, Bauru, Brazil

Martin Schwentenwein, Lithoz GmbH, Austria

Lisa Rueschhoff, Purdue University,USA

Tyrone Jones, Army Research Laboratory, USA

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