FIT AG Supports EOS Solutions For Additive Manufacturing

Image Credit: Industrial Products Finder

Image Credit: Industrial Products Finder

FIT AG Supports EOS Solutions For Additive Manufacturing

Specialist manufacturer FIT AG invests in five EOS M 400-4 systems for manufacturing metal components via industrial 3D printing.

FIT AG, specialist for Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions, is expanding its industrial 3D printing capacities and investing in five EOS M 400-4 systems. The EOS solutions will be part of a factory with 4,200 m of floor space, specially designed for serial production using industrial 3D printing technology. FIT AG is therefore continuing to build on its globally leading position as a special provider in the field of AM. At the same time, EOS will be strategic supplier to FIT AG, which is planning to use EOS systems to manufacture products mainly for the automotive industry, the world of motorsport, the medical technology sector, and the aerospace industry.

As a specialist manufacturer of prototypes and pilot series, FIT AG offers its customers a broad portfolio of AM solutions that feature short lead times as well as software and hardware solutions. Both national and international companies from numerous industries rely on FIT AG to supply them with optimised, additively manufactured components more quickly and with greater efficiency. In turn, FIT AG is relying on the 3D printing solutions of EOS, in order to meet the continually growing market demand for high-quality products. EOS is the worlds leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers.

The newly purchased EOS M 400-4 systems are equipped with four lasers to ensure greater productivity and excellent part quality. At the same time

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