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Ansys Acquires AM Simulation Leader 3DSIM


Powerful simulation tools delivered directly to you in the cloud

3DSIM develops the worlds most powerful simulation software for metal Additive Manufacturing. The company is led by CEO, Dr. Brent Stucker, a leading authority on AM for 25 years and a corporate team that boasts 100+ years of combined AM experience.

3DSIMs software tools empower manufacturers, designers, materials scientists, and engineers, to achieve consistent success through simulation-driven innovation rather than physical trial-and-error. Customers include aerospace and automotive OEMs, AM parts manufacturers, metal AM machine manufacturers, universities and leading national & international labs.

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Predicting stress and distortion trends

It is estimated that tens of thousands of dollars are wasted per machine per year in unnecessary support material costs, post manufacturing labor part finishing, and material lost due to failed builds. Our simulation tools predict residual stress and strain data to identify the minimum amount of support needed for your part.

AM practitioners spend tens of millions of dollars every year generating the experimental data needed to develop process understanding for part qualification. 3DSIMs FLEX product dramatically reduces the need for metal laser sintering experimentation by providing a rapid, cloud-based simulation solution that allows users to simulate designed experiments, test new theories and optimize process parameters based upon a given set of material, machine and geometry assumptions. FLEX allows users to rapidly simulate multiple combinations of inputs to analyze their effects on outputs such as thermal history, phase transformations, residual stress, porosity, meltpool characteristics, surface roughness, part distortion, and crystal structure.