Norsk Titanium

Norsk Titanium and Boeing have been recognized as a 2018 Laureates Award winner for Supplier Innovation in Commercial Aircraft

Norsk Titanium Rapid Plasma Deposition™(RPD™) is an FAA-certified, OEM-qualified additive manufacturing process that delivers structural titanium parts with reduced lead time and cost.The future is now.

RPD™is fast, efficient, OEM-qualified, FAA-certified, and now in production.

RPD™s competitive advantage is delivering greater capacity at faster rates with much less material waste.

RPD™is pioneering the next industrial revolution; be a part of the future of additive manufacturing.

Norsk Titanium is the only high deposition rate additive manufacturing company that is:

FAA-certified and OEM-qualified for structural titanium parts manufacturing

Established to handle high-volume parts manufacturing on site or at your facility

Using process control and global configuration to enable machine-to-machine consistency

Titanium wire, argon gas, plasma arc, and process controls are at the heart of RPD™, resulting in forged strength at the speed of innovation.

Norsk Titaniums proven production capabilities deliver lower cost, less machining, less material used, and reduced lead time. Our MERKE IV™machine is the worlds fastest titanium printer in commercial production today. The MERKE IV™is 50100 times faster than powder-based systems, while using 25%50% less titanium than traditional forging.

Companies honored for Outstanding Achievements in Aviation, Aerospace & Defense will be recognized on March 1 in Washington, DC

John Andersen, Jr. has assumed the role of CEO in addition to his existing role as Chairman of the Board

Norsk Titanium announces strategic investment from Rose Park Advisors Disruptive Innovation Fund